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Reimagining Real Estate

Daniel and Barbara Z.R.

Theo Adamstein is a rare breed of real estate agent; it was our great pleasure to work with him and get to know him. If you need a realtor, we urge you to sign Theo Adamstein.Theo is honest and works hard for his clients. He does extensive research, so he understands the complexities and nuances of the market. Theo is charming, and eloquent and worldly — and funny, a quality that especially helped us when we were feeling anxious about selling our contemporary house in Chevy Chase. He’s candid – Theo is open to hearing and adopting his client’s ideas and, just as important, he’s also not afraid to tell clients when he disagrees with them and why. We doubt there are more than a handful of realtors (are there any?) who are also acclaimed architects, as Theo is. He’s also a talented photographer and designer. This unusual combination of skills gives Theo the ability to “get” what’s special about a property and know how to package and market it, from designing brochures and editing the artwork to pricing and timing the campaign